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  1. My experience graduating from the University of Michigan in 2010 made me realize the importance of representation. The lack of diversity at my university pushed me to go into education. I wanted to be a familiar face to other students of color. I wanted students who were walking in similar shoes to know that they could come from a low-income family and graduate from a prestigious university too. Little did I know the push representation would have on my career change in less than a decade. My journey in politics began a few years before coming to the University of
  2. Before I even started my legislative internship, the 87th legislative session was foreseen as a challenge, due to balancing the fulfillment of the democratic process while adhering to COVID-19 precautions. I spent the early weeks of my internship preparing by meeting with a myriad of groups remotely, reading prior analyses of bills, as well as watching archived committee meetings. Along the way, the process of getting started has been prolonged and extended until the highly anticipated start of the first TX House of Representatives committee meeting of the legislative session, an Appropriations committee meeting that was to be held on February 16th. Well, the hits just keep coming. As a result of the inclement winter weather from a highly unusual winter storm impacting Texas this past week, millions of Texans were left
  3. We have been repeatedly told that this experience interning at the Texas Capitol will be fast paced, to say the least. We will be stressed out and overworked in ways that few people can understand. We have made individual self-care plans to help us get through this internship as whole as possible, though one month in, it still feels as though these are plans for the distant future. I wanted to participate in this internship to grow as both a professional and an individual. I have for much of my life hoped that growth would just happen as I aged,
  4. During my graduate studies, I’ve been confronted time and again with the perennial question, what is it you study? To dispense always, in tailored anticipation, political social work: i.e., “politics with a heart.” But what does that mean, exactly? Politics, as generally understood in the public sphere, seems to conjure images of individuals who, prior to their call to public service, practiced law or otherwise came from a politically established family, in which case the call may be heard more as an obligation or a rite. It has not yet become part of public conceptualization to think of politics as
  5. As an eternal optimist, I believe people from different backgrounds and beliefs not only can work together, but this is how true progress happens and a better world is built. It became harder for me to keep this mindset during the past year seeing the division in the country grow deeper surrounding criticism of the BLM, politicization of COVID-19 protocols, the Presidential election, the insurrection on the United States Capitol, and, in the last few days, the need for a heavy National Guard presence at the Texas Capitol. Fear and imposter syndrome had begun to rise in me with questions


Diese Webseite möge zur Erforschung, Anwendung und dem Praxistransfer systemisch-postmoderner Methoden, Handlungsmodellen und Theorien in Sozialer Arbeit dienen.

Ausdruck für diese Arbeitsweisen können Publikationen sein wie die 69 Leuchtfeuer von Kleve und Wirth, hier geht's zur Leseprobe. Hier geht's zur Audio-Lesung.

Seit dem Jahr 1996 bis heute gibt es eine thematische Verkettung von Publikationen, die als Meilensteine postmoderner Theoriebildung gelesen werden können.

Die Ausgangspunkte sind Mehrperspektivität, Vielfalt und die Ambivalenz von Wirklichkeit und Möglichkeit als Grundlagen für systemisch angewandte Sozialtheorie.

Ambivalenz soll nicht psychologisch, sondern soziologisch verstanden werden als Unbestimmtheit der beiden Werte durch ihre unentscheidbare Beziehung zueinander.

Lebensführung verweist auf das Umgehenkönnen mit Ambivalenz, also mit der Unentscheidbarkeit, wie wirklich die Wirklichkeit ist, und welche Möglichkeiten potentiell verfügbar sind.

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1. Achte auf Komplexität

2. Schätze die Vielfalt

3. Respektiere Autonomie

4. Würdige die Wirklichkeit

5. Imaginiere die Möglichkeit

6. Gestalte und erkenne


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