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  1. I’ve been teaching for about five years. It was a large reason why I decided to pursue a PhD, I adore teaching, it makes me excited each and every day I get to have the privilege to do this work. It’s not that it’s an easy job, each class is widely different, different subjects, different schools (the life of an adjunct), different people all create variables. Some of these remain stable from semester to semester, some, are variables we can’t account for. In these five years I’ve had classes that have gone through rough times. Whether it was how they
  2. It’s social work month again, which means the annual ‘list of things’ started of so many years ago. This year I can’t help but feel it is tinged with a sadder view, a look towards the unknown rather than the tongue-in-cheek version I usually produce. This year has been difficult one, yes, I’m in a wonderful new country pursuing a PhD at a top university that has only served to expand my horizons. But I’ve also been ill, so much so that I had to take an interruption of studies to rectify. I’ve started afresh, but felt the loneliness and
  3. Prejudice occurs in many forms and can have a significant effect on the well-being of those who experience it—including various aspects of physical and mental health. When this occurs, the ripple effect can reach far beyond those who are directly affected. Although eliminating prejudice entirely may not be possible, the good news is there are effective ways by which to confront and combat it. Defining prejudice According to Confronting Prejudice: How to Protect Yourself and Help Others, prejudice is “a preconceived, unfair judgement toward a person, group, or identity that is formed without sufficient evidence or reason.” It can dictate
  4. Having a few drinks may seem harmless enough. However, for those who consume high amounts of alcohol in a short period of time, the implications of binge drinking could be much more serious. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes binge drinking as the “most common, costly, and deadly pattern of excessive alcohol use in the United States.”  The good news is that by following certain strategies, both those who serve and those who consume alcohol can help to reduce the odds that this risky behavior will occur. Defining Binge Drinking The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse
  5.             Call for Papers Financial Capability and Asset Building: Achievements, Challenges, and Next Steps (2020–2025) The 2020 Financial Capability and Asset Building (FCAB) Convening Financial matters have become increasingly complex and pervasive in daily life. Income and asset poverty; economic inequality; lack of access to beneficial financial policies, products, and services; and low financial knowledge and skills interact in ways that impose enormous disadvantage on social work clients. Momentum is building in the area of financial capability and asset building (FCAB) to address these challenges. Social work has made important strides in developing FCAB scholarship, practice,


Diese Webseite möge zur Erforschung, Anwendung und dem Praxistransfer systemisch-postmoderner Methoden, Handlungsmodellen und Theorien in Sozialer Arbeit dienen.

Ausdruck für diese Arbeitsweisen können Publikationen sein wie die 69 Leuchtfeuer von Kleve und Wirth, hier geht's zur Leseprobe. Hier geht's zur Audio-Lesung.

Seit dem Jahr 1996 bis heute gibt es eine thematische Verkettung von Publikationen, die als Meilensteine postmoderner Theoriebildung gelesen werden können.

Die Ausgangspunkte sind Mehrperspektivität, Vielfalt und die Ambivalenz von Wirklichkeit und Möglichkeit als Grundlagen für systemisch angewandte Sozialtheorie.

Ambivalenz soll nicht psychologisch, sondern soziologisch verstanden werden als Unbestimmtheit der beiden Werte durch ihre unentscheidbare Beziehung zueinander.

Lebensführung verweist auf das Umgehenkönnen mit Ambivalenz, also mit der Unentscheidbarkeit, wie wirklich die Wirklichkeit ist, und welche Möglichkeiten potentiell verfügbar sind.

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1. Achte auf Komplexität

2. Schätze die Vielfalt

3. Respektiere Autonomie

4. Würdige die Wirklichkeit

5. Imaginiere die Möglichkeit

6. Gestalte und erkenne


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