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  1. Recently my eyes were accosted by an article asking, “What is Happening at the Columbia School of Social Work?” by Pamela Paul. Notice the lack of a BSW, MSW, LMSW, LCSW, or other degree that would offer expertise in social work education. Not only is the lack of the degree an obvious sign that the opinions about social work education following the lack of title are less valuable than an enema after explosive diarrhea, but the original title, “Is This Social Work or Social Indoctrination?” means that the author could have saved us all time and one of our 5
  2. How am I doing? This blog post is over two-weeks late and this is the fifth time I have attempted to sit down and write. What started as an eloquent condensed comparison of problematic occurrences in the Legislature and Social Work has turned into somewhat of a long-winded, process journal. Humanity I have witnessed the realities of toggling between over-criminalization and medicalization throughout my life, and both hold significant consequences. I have come across many individuals that continue to be beaten into shame over their humanity, driving honest expressions and personal truths to become secrets that get buried beneath the
  3. Let me tell you about the time Texas tried to codify how to overturn an election in the middle of the night. It all started decades ago when reports about climate change started to gain traction. That made oil folx mad because it would mean that they would have less money. Two brothers, Charles and David Koch, needed to keep making oil money, which meant that they had to control the courts, legislative policies, and minds. In response, they started funding think tanks, training programs, and all kinds of media investments to help show people that “it was okay if
  4. It has been said over and over again in the media and in the halls of the Texas Capitol that the 87th Texas Legislative Session was the most aggressive in not only pushing but passing very conservative and controversial priorities in people’s recognition. It is emotionally exhausting working, and really living, every day in an environment where the social work values and ethics I embrace as personal ones are assaulted by policies. They are assaulted by policies framed as “protecting young girls” that are really just transphobic agendas meant to dehumanize people. And where cries of support for the heartbeat
  5. LIVED EXPERIENCE As a professional Sickle Cell advocate, there is nothing that supersedes the lived experience. Living with a chronic illness every day gives a perspective that can never be acquired by those who do not suffer from the disease. I was born with Sickle Cell Disease. Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is an inherited genetic blood disorder, the most common in the United States. It is characterized as a condition that causes the blood cells to be malformed and break down, thus causing pain and other complications. As a child, I suffered from more frequent bouts of pain, a hallmark


Diese Webseite möge zur Erforschung, Anwendung und dem Praxistransfer systemisch-postmoderner Methoden, Handlungsmodellen und Theorien in Sozialer Arbeit dienen.

Ausdruck für diese Arbeitsweisen können Publikationen sein wie die 69 Leuchtfeuer von Kleve und Wirth, hier geht's zur Leseprobe. Hier geht's zur Audio-Lesung.

Seit dem Jahr 1996 bis heute gibt es eine thematische Verkettung von Publikationen, die als Meilensteine postmoderner Theoriebildung gelesen werden können.

Die Ausgangspunkte sind Mehrperspektivität, Vielfalt und die Ambivalenz von Wirklichkeit und Möglichkeit als Grundlagen für systemisch angewandte Sozialtheorie.

Ambivalenz soll nicht psychologisch, sondern soziologisch verstanden werden als Unbestimmtheit der beiden Werte durch ihre unentscheidbare Beziehung zueinander.

Lebensführung verweist auf das Umgehenkönnen mit Ambivalenz, also mit der Unentscheidbarkeit, wie wirklich die Wirklichkeit ist, und welche Möglichkeiten potentiell verfügbar sind.

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1. Achte auf Komplexität

2. Schätze die Vielfalt

3. Respektiere Autonomie

4. Würdige die Wirklichkeit

5. Imaginiere die Möglichkeit

6. Gestalte und erkenne


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